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GAIA Skin + Body Care Body Washes - Grapefruit and JasmineTwo glorious soap and sulphate free body washes that are gentle enough to use every day in the shower or bath without stripping your skinís natural protective oils or creating dryness.

Containing organic avocado oil and organic gingko biloba to rejuvenate, and organic chamomile extract to purify and soothe. These washes are an ideal soap replacement to care for your skin and leave it fresh, clean and silky soft.

Available in two beautifully natural scents Ė uplifting Pink Grapefruit & Jasmine to delight your senses or Lavender & Frankincense to leave you naturally calm and relaxed.

Both washes can be added to running water to create an uplifting bubble bath or relaxing soak.



  • FREE from soap, sulphates and petrochemicals - cleanses without dryness
  • Features the organic extracts of ginkgo biloba, ginseng and chamomile to calm and revitalise tired, stressed skin
  • Enriched with organic avocado, organic evening primrose and organic wheat germ oils to soften even dry or flaky skin
  • Contains Vitamin E and essential omega 3 good oils for healthy looking skin

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