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GAIA Skin Naturals  Refreshing Toner
Refreshing Toner

GAIA Skin + Body Care Foaming Cleanser Gently astringent this refreshing toner helps control excess oil and balance pH levels while it tones, freshens and tightens pores.

Use to cool, soothe and hydrate, it is the perfect preparation for moisturiser and is also a great refresher throughout the day to renew your skin.

The key ingredient organic rosewater beautifully calms and hydrates delicate skin, diminishing redness, and organic green tea extract adds a wonderful antioxidant boost to minimise the visible signs of aging.

Also featuring organic calendula extract, a deeply penetrating 'skin rejuvenator' to help restore the appearance of skin damaged by the elements - it helps soften dry patches and scarring.

The delicate and uplifting scent of the organic rose otto bathes your skin in the natural scent of freshly cut flowers.
HANDY HINT: GAIA Refreshing Toner makes an ideal after-sun spray - It's cooling and refreshing when sprayed on your whole body.  It is especially soothing if sprayed on sun kissed skin. Pop it in the fridge for an extra cooling treat! 


  • Assists with the absorption of GAIA Skincare Facial Moisturisers
  • FREE from alcohol and petrochemicals it helps remove excess oil without dryness
  • The organic rosewater, organic green tea and organic calendula extracts to soothe, detoxify and tone while balancing, softening and refreshing skin
  • Contains organic rose otto for a calming natural scent
  • Contains ingredients high in antioxidants to help combat free radicals to help maintain healthy looking skin

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