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GAIA Skin Naturals  Sleeptime Bath
Sleeptime Bath

Create a relaxing environment as part of your baby's bedtime routine with the
GAIA Natural Baby Moisturiser Sleeptime Bath containing organic lavender and ylang ylang, especially for use before bed time.
Made with the same sensitive skin formula as GAIA Bath & Body Wash except with organic lavender and organic ylang ylang.
GAIA Natural Baby Sleeptime Bath provides a relaxing bath experience, gently cleansing without dryness and contains organic evening primrose oil to keep your baby’s skin soft.
This gentle cleanser is pH balanced and free from artificial fragrances, soap, sulphates, paraben preservatives, propylene glycol and petrochemicals, making it more suitable for sensitive skin and eczema.
Establishing baby’s bed time routine is a step towards making bed time an easy time rather than a struggle.
GAIA Natural Baby Sleeptime BathMany sleep experts recommend creating a calming environment to prepare your little one for a restful night’s sleep. Some of the suggestions below may be useful for you to include in your baby’s bedtime routine:
  • Have a relaxing bath, try using GAIA Sleeptime Bath
  • Have a gentle massage after baby’s bath, try using GAIA Baby Moisturiser or GAIA Natural Baby Massage Oil 
  • Sit in a quiet area and do 'quiet time' activities, like read a bedtime story or nursery rhyme together
  • Play some soothing and relaxing music to settle baby (Max loved the Music for Dreaming CD) 
  • Give bubs a sleep association toy, like a small bear that is used only when they are going to bed so they learn that when they have their bear it is time for sleep (but do not leave the toy with them in the cot) 
  • Finally, after lots of cuddles, try to get them down awake so they learn to self settle


HANDY HINT: Use regular GAIA Natural Baby Bath & Body Wash for daytime bathing and Sleeptime Bath at night to emphasise the difference between day and night.



Is your baby catnapping during the day, waking frequently at night or just hard to settle to sleep?
One of the most common challenges for parents is often that their baby is experiencing sleep difficulties.  The Safe Sleep Space approach offers loving solutions for this very common challenge, by addressing the need for babies to be heard and responded to, and by helping parents listen to and understand their individual baby, so healthy sleep patterns can develop.
Safe Sleep SpaceThe strategies involve responding to baby cues, so can be individualised to many different baby temperaments and behaviours.  With this in mind, NO controlled crying is required to achieve sleep.
The Safe Sleep Space guide to sleep is available in book, DVD format and now ONLINE  Streaming Segements.  The DVD has been produced by The Royal Children's Hospital Education Resource Centre with Helen Stevens & Cindy Davenport (Maternal & Child Health Nurses).