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GAIA Skin Naturals  GAIA Hit Nitz 4 6 Natural Head Lice Products
GAIA Hit Nitz 4 6 Natural Head Lice Products

GAIA Hit Nitz 4 6 provides an easy, effective, two - step system to help control head lice.

Our products are free from artificial fragrance, silicon oils and animal ingredients.

To control a head lice infestation, use both the Once Off Lotion and the Daily Control Spray. Use the Once Off Lotion as directed to treat the live lice in the hair. There will still be eggs in the hair after treatment that will hatch over the next 7 - 10 days.  To manage the baby lice (nymphs) as they hatch, follow up for a minimum of 10 days with the Daily Control Spray as directed to help break the head lice cycle.  Continue using the Daily Control Spray each morning thereafter if head lice are in the school or community.

If you don't need to treat a head lice infestation but there are head lice in the school or community, use the Daily Control Spray each morning as directed to help keep head lice at bay.

Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist see your doctor/healthcare professional.


GAIA Hit Nitz 4 6 Once Off Nature Head Lice Lotion 250ml - no combing required!

"Once Off" Head Lice Lotion - 250ml
No combing required!

  • To help get rid of the suckers!
  • Very mild smelling, this creamy lotion is applied generously to DRY hair and scalp. Rinse out 4 hours later.
  • 250ml treats two children with short hair or one child with long hair. More may be needed for very thick hair.
  • No combing required!

GAIA Hit Nitz 4 6 Daily Control Natural Head Lice Spray"Daily Control" Head Lice Spray - 200ml

  • Used after treating with Once Off Head Lice Lotion to help break the head lice cycle by controlling baby lice (nymphs) as they hatch AND used in the child's morning routine when head lice are in the community.
  • 100% natural active ingredient -  artemisia annua (wormwood).
  • Pleasant smelling, it assists with detangling and leaves hair feeling conditioned.
  • No combing required.
  • Australian owned and made.
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