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GAIA Made For Men

GAIA Made For Men

Men and women have very different needs when it comes to caring for their skin and hair.

GAIA Made for Men takes into consideration the specific requirements of male skin and hair. The products contain carefully selected natural and organic veggie oils, herbal extracts and pure essential oils, known for their skin nurturing benefits, these ingredients help tackle typically male issues such as razor burn, in-grown hairs and maintaining a healthy scalp for healthy hair growth.

Brush and MugExceptional performance is achieved by the careful selection of ingredients based on their ability to soothe, calm, energize and enliven your senses. 

GAIA Made for Men is FREE from ingredients that are known to dry or irritate, particularly sensitive skin. There are NO sulphates, propylene glycol, parabens, mineral oil, phthalates or petrochemicals.

A common complaint we often hear from the guys is that most mens skin care out there smells "girlie".  Not ours - not a hint of lavender in sight! Our scent includes a blend of organic lime, organic patchouli and organic spearmint pure essential oils, bring you a fresh and invigorating masculine scent which will stimulate your senses.

GAIA Made for Men consists of a minimalistic product selection to cater for the typical needs of male skin and hair, simplifying your daily bathroom routine. Only the key essentials have been included in the range to ensure you have all the products you need and none you don't. Most of the items are also suitable for 'dual-use' ie. for face AND body.

Some of the pure, natural and organic ingredients used in our products have the ability to soothe, calm, nourish, moisturise and stimulate your senses:

    GAIA Made For Men
  • organic spearmint
  • organic aloe vera
  • organic chamomile
  • organic evening primrose oil
  • organic nettle
  • organic rosemary
  • wheat germ oil
  • sunflower oil
The GAIA Made for Men product range is vegan friendly and CCF accredited - no testing on animals or animal ingredients are used.


GAIA Made for Men ShampooShampoo
Soap & Sulphate Free

An effective hair cleanser that removes product build-up without stripping hair of its natural protective oils, leaving your hair and scalp feeling fresh and revitalised.


GAIA Made for Men ConditionerConditioner
Free from silicones

This light conditioner nourishes hair, leaving it soft and shiny - without oiliness. Contains organic spearmint to invigorate and stimulate circulation promoting healthy hair growth.


GAIA Made for Men Face & Body WashFace & Body Wash
Soap and sulphate free

Stimulate your senses with organic rosemary and organic lime. This gel is non-drying and enriched with moisturising oils to gently lift dirt and leave you feeling fresh and clean.


GAIA Made for Men Face & Body ScrubFace & Body Scrub
Crushed walnut shell scrubbers!

Exfoliate and tone with crushed walnut shells, nourishing veggie oils and herbal extracts to leave your skin smooth and feeling fresh. A great pre-shaving product.


GAIA Made for Men Shave GelSHAVE GEL
Enriched with organic oils

Enriched with organic avocado oil to soften, enabling your razor to glide easily across your skin and organic aloe vera to soothe any irritation.
Ladies - this is great for shaving your legs and underarms!


GAIA Made for Men Shave CreamShave Cream
A thick creamy lather

This rich shaving cream is perfect for those wanting a creamy lathering shave or those with a thick coarse beard. It delivers great ‘slip’,
minimising nicks and irritations.


GAIA Made for Men Face CrèmeFace Crème
Skin softening and soothing!

Contains organic shea butter and organic rosehip oil which is great after shaving or for general moisturisation.  Contains a unique blend of calming natural and organic extracts and oils it is suitable for sensitive, dry or damaged skin.


GAIA Made for Men Overnighter PackMen's Overnighter Pack

An ideal way to try the GAIA Made for Men range. Each kit contains 50ml sizes of each product. It's a great sample kit, makes an ideal gift and travel pack and meets the international travel laws for carry-on cosmetics.




The products are available through selected gift stores, health food shops and pharmacies Australia wide, or you can purchase our products through our online store.
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