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Handy Hints
Some of our customers have sent us in some handy hints on how they have used our products!
Cradle Cap: Using GAIA Natural Baby Shampoo and Baby Massage Oil:
by Jody from Hunters Hill in NSW (and tried and tested by Michelle on Max with great results!).
Hi Michelle, I just thought I would send you in details of my little discovery using your products to help my little boy's cradle cap.
  • Either have a bath with your baby or completely wet their head.

  • Using GAIA Natural Baby Massage Oil, apply a small amount of massage oil to the palm of our hand and using your fingers massage into their scalp. Keep applying until their scalp is really really really moist, just like when you put milk on a corn flake, it goes all soggy!

  • With your fingers or a soft wash cloth, ever so gently rub over the cradle cap. The scales should start to break up and flake. If so, comb the particles thought the hair. If not, keep applying the massage oil and continue to lightly rub over the scalp.

  • Once you have combed out most of the flakes (this is a fairly sticky process so there will be some left) then use GAIA Natural Baby Shampoo to wash their hair, this will clean off any excess oil and cradle cap.

  • Gently towel-dry your babyís hair and apply a couple of drops of GAIA Natural Baby Massage Oil to your fingers then massage into your babyís scalp
Even the softest of touches can create redness to your babyís skin so be very gentle and donít panic if their scalp does redden a little.
An Alternative to wipes!
Hi Michelle, I have a nine month old son and although he does not have any skin problems, I am well aware of the damaging chemicals that are in most commercial baby products. Therefore I love your natural approach to baby care.
Most of the baby wipes on the market contain Propylene Glycol, so I make my own using your baby wash. Perhaps you can suggest this to your customers
  • Buy a pack of homebrand nappy liners and pop them in a lunch box
  • Pour over a cup of boiling water mixed with a squirt of GAIA Natural Baby Bath & Body Wash.

  • Seal and voila!
Less than half the cost and no damaging chemicals on baby's skin.
Inc. moisturiser ad a bum cleanser
massage oil in shower
massage oil and baby moisturiser 

Please note: This information is not meant to replace any medical advice, is merely feedback from our customers and if you are concerned about your Baby's health, you should consult your doctor or natural practitioner.

Have you got a handy hint for GAIA Natural Baby Products?

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