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Our Story
It all began began back in 2002 with the launch of GAIA Natural Baby.
Our little boy Joshua was born with very sensitive skin and developed eczema when he was just 8 weeks old.
We tried numerous skin care products, even the natural ones, and most of them just made his eczema worse and we couldn't use them at all.
At the time our family lived on a certified organic produce farm (which was sold in 2006) and we lead a natural lifestyle so when we were told that cortisone was our only option, we set about finding a safe and natural way to care for his skin. I consulted my herbal books and started to research which herbs and oils would benefit Josh's skin.
We were also advised by many health care professionals which ingredients to avoid because they would most likely irritate his skin as they were well known to be reactive on sensitive and irritated skin.  We were astounded to find these ingredients in the majority of the baby skin care products we had tried.
We did some skin care blending courses, studied aromatherapy and  began boiling our own herbal infusions on the stove and added them to Josh's bath and made up our own potions for his skin.
With some persistence, we finally found a way to cleanse, soften and care for his skin without causing further irritation to his eczema.
It amazes us that someone always knows someone who has a child with eczema or has it themselves and we were hearing the same story over and over again "I can't find products that don't irritate, itch or dry my baby's skin". So we did a market analysis and found there was a great need for a product that catered specifically for skin sensitivities, was reasonably priced and was easy to purchase. 
This lead to the commercial development of GAIA Natural Baby - naturally derived skin care, combined with organic ingredients (wherever possible) specifically targeted to be moisturising and free from those ingredients that are known to irritate sensitive skin, making it eczema friendly.

The feedback we receive is just sensational, not only from parents thankful to have found GAIA but from the many midwives and health care professionals who also recommend our products.

It is our mission is to provide naturally derived skincare, including as many as possible organic ingredients at an affordable price. We want our products to be easy to purchase and have worked hard to ensure they are available through a wide variety of channels.  GAIA Natural Baby is widely distributed in Australia and the trend is continuing in other parts of the world. 
Following the success of GAIA Natural Baby and the demand for other products, GAIA Made for Men was the first brand extension, mostly to service my husband's need for natural grooming products that were tailored to male skin and didn't smell like lavender.  GAIA Pregnancy + New Mum and GAIA Skin + Body Care provides stretch mark creams for pregnancy and skin care for women.
Our team of highly motivated staff and distribution partners are on hand to ensure you can get quick and easy access to our great products.

I am sure you will find our products extremely softening, calming and soothing - please enjoy our range! Michelle and her boys

Managing Director, GAIA Brand Creator and mother of three beautiful boys!

Pictured above with her boys Joshua,
Max (the face of GAIA Natural Baby) and Jacob.
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