Establishing baby’s bed time routine is a step towards making bed time an easy time rather than a struggle.

Many sleep experts recommend creating a calming environment to prepare your little one for a restful night’s sleep. Some of the suggestions below may be useful for you to include in your baby’s bedtime routine:
·         Have a relaxing bath, try using GAIA Sleeptime Bath. It contains calming organic lavender oil to help promote a night of restful sleep.
·         Have a gentle massage after baby’s bath, try using GAIA Baby Moisturiser or GAIA Natural Baby Massage Oil
·         Sit in a quiet area and do ‘quiet time’ activities, like read a bedtime story or nursery rhyme together
·         Play some soothing and relaxing music to settle baby
·         Give bubs a sleep association toy, like a small bear that is used only when they are going to bed so they learn that when they have their bear it is time for sleep (but do not leave the toy with them in the cot)
·         Finally, after lots of cuddles, try to get them down drowsy so they learn to self-settle.

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