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What You Need to Know in Your Baby’s First Week

Blog It can be overwhelming when you have a baby, and there may seem a lot that you need to take in. A new baby brings a huge lifestyle change, [...]

Tips on Nurturing Self Esteem and Confidence in Your Child

Blog Children have big dreams from an early age. Self-esteem comes from feeling loved and secure. To build their confidence and help them realise their dreams, here are a few [...]

Organic Ingredients & why we use them

Blog For many people, choosing organic is not only about their health but also the health of our planet. Organic farming uses techniques that preserve our environment and keep the [...]

Soap vs soap free? Have you ever wondered what is better for your baby?

Blog Soap and soap free cleansers are made with surfactants as the key ingredient for cleansing the hands and body of dirt, grime and germs. Surfactant based ingredients vary from [...]

The benefits of baby massage

Blog ABOUT BABY MASSAGE Baby Massage establishes close, loving communication which provides security and stability for your child and has amazing therapeutic benefits. Massage releases both oxytocin and endorphins and [...]

Establishing baby’s bedtime routine

Blog Establishing baby’s bed time routine is a step towards making bed time an easy time rather than a struggle. Many sleep experts recommend creating a calming environment to prepare [...]

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