Vegan Baby Shampoo

With our vegan shampoo for babies your bub’s hair will shine and so will your conscious! Our soothing suds are certified cruelty free and are made without animal products. We simply harness the vitamins and nourishing properties of plants in order to formulate our spectacular creations. Generally, you won’t need to wash your baby’s hair every day. The great news with our product is that it’s especially suitable and gentle to sensitive skin and delicate areas.

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GAIA’s Vegan Shampoo Is What You Need For Effective Yet Delicate Baby’s Haircare

Our vegan Baby Shampoo has a wealth of benefits:

  • It contains hydrolysed wheat protein which stops hair from splitting and breaking.
  • We’ve added organic avocado oil which nourishes and cleanses.
  • There’s also evening primrose to soothe, sweet orange and lavender to fragrance and chamomile which brings out natural highlights.
  • The fact that it’s pH neutral means it won’t interfere with your little one’s protective oils.
  • It’s packed with moisturising qualities to tackle a dry and flaky scalp.
  • An Australian made product to support local community.
  • It’s made without parabens, sulphates, silicone, soaps, artificial perfumes or colours.

Therefore, GAIA has haircare that is mindful of skin conditions and aims to clean in a way that won’t cause any irritation or distress. So, you and baby can look forward to hair wash days rather than dread them. You’ll come to see that with our shampoo, you can do light massages that will lock in moisture, soothe the scalp, clean and refresh the hair all at the same time.

Vegan Solutions With GAIA For Your Baby Shampoo

We really do consider mother nature to be our best friend. She is benevolent, loving, and kind. We follow her because we want to protect our world and all that’s in it. That’s why we’re a home-based company, accredited cruelty-free and avoid harmful chemicals.

We want to spread our messages and the features of our products because we know that we have a whole lot of good to offer.

No longer do you have to despair that you can’t find anything natural or irritant-free for your child. We understand that they’re your world and that you’d do anything to protect them. We want to aid you in this by giving you top quality baby skin care products that won’t pollute their vulnerable skin.

So, if you’re looking for some vegan options for your little one, our vegan baby shampoo and vegan baby wash will be right up your ally. Check out our reviews to see how other parents rave about it! You can also see some of our products in action on our social media pages. Then, if you require further details about us and our collections you can fill out an online form to outline any queries, call us for a chat or send us an email.

We love hearing about what you think, your opinions, thoughts, and feedback so, never hesitate to get in touch. Join us today to start shopping cruelty-free baby shampoo and more, all Australian orders over $100 get free shipping!

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