Vegan Baby Wash

GAIA is a brand that is au naturale with a flair and passion for nature, the environment and living things. Our baby skin care products help to protect your little one’s skin from flare ups and irritations which are common after using perfumed and chemical pumped cleansers. We endeavour to leave the skin of tiny humans all clean and fresh but in the same token soft and smooth.

Our vegan Baby Washes are also cruelty free and vegan. This is something very important to us as we’re all about being kind to living things!

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Our Vegan Baby Wash Is Composed Of Plant Derived & Nature Loving Ingredients

Our priority is to make cleansers that leave soft, delicate, infantile skin healthy and supple. We have a Hair and Body Wash for that perfect 2 in 1 product to make bath time swift and stress-free.

We have a Bath and Body Wash which deep cleans, bursting with fresh orange and floral lavender oils. It’s also gentle enough to lightly massage over more sensitive nappy areas.

There’s then our Sleeptime Bath formula with lavender, ylang-ylang and evening primrose to get your little bundle all sleepy and ready for bedtime. The infusions are not only really good for avoiding outbreaks and aggravation but also smell lovely and give off a real calming, serene essence so that your baby can learn to love bathing. Another fact to give you peace of mind is that there are no petrochemicals, mineral oil or artificial colours or perfumes in our formulas.

We’ve made our washes vegan which means there’s no animal-based ingredients in there. This is because plants do it all for us and are a renewable and natural resource. It’s also because we know that many families are turning towards veganism and we don’t want you to have to compromise your beliefs nor miss out on amazing products.

Health Professionals Value Our Vegan Wash For Babies

All our cleansing products are recommended by health workers, midwives, and other parents. We’ve also won several awards for our ranges. Everything we manufacture is dermatologically tested so that you can receive and experience the highest safety and quality standards upon buying our products.

We developed a concept and have run with it because we know so many of you out there can resonate with us. We saw a real opportunity to diversify this market and create caring collections that demonstrate compassion towards those with more sensitive skin, awareness for the environment and rights for animals. We do so by being as natural and organic as possible using plants as the oil to our machine.

We’re proudly Australian too, so when you purchase our vegan wash for babies or our vegan Baby Shampoo, you’ll be supporting a homegrown company and our fantastic communities.

If you’d like to know more about the ingredients we use, our cruelty-free credentials, our commitment to veganism or have any other queries, feel free to give us a call or send us an email! You can also complete an online inquiry form or connect with us on Facebook and Instagram. We always love hearing from you!

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