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For skin that’s as soft as a baby’s bum! Our Baby Care range is full of gentle products that won’t irritate delicate skin but will moisture, soothe and calm. They can all be used every day and use naturally derived and organic ingredients wherever possible.
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Natural Baby Skin Care Products Online in Australia for the Softest Skin Possible

Your baby’s skin is precious and far more sensitive than an adult’s. GAIA’s range of baby skincare products in Australia uses only natural and organic ingredients. They are designed to moisturise your baby’s skin without irritating it. Our natural baby skin care will not only nourish and soothe any dry or sore patches on your baby’s delicate skin but will also form a protective barrier from future dryness.

GAIA Skin Naturals was created in 2002, by our founder Michelle, who used her expertise on essential oils and natural ingredients to create a baby care product that would soothe her 8-week-old son Joshua’s eczema. In the eighteen years since GAIA’s inception, we have committed to using organic and natural ingredients where possible in our full range of products, as we believe these provide the best and most delicate care for your baby’s skin and that includes baby shampoos.

Browse Our Baby Care Products Made with Organic Ingredients

GAIA’s baby care products use carefully-selected ingredients to make your baby’s skin soft as a baby’s bottom just like our!

Our Australian natural baby skin product range includes:

  • baby powder – made with finely-milled and talc-free corn-starch, our baby powder soaks up excess moisture without drying out the skin. Calming lavender and chamomile combine with gentle essential oils to soothe and calm the skin.
  • baby moisturiser – this everyday moisturiser is suitable for use on both the face and body and is designed to help protect against general dryness, as well as treat any rough or flaky patches. Shea butter is absorbed easily into the skin and leaves a protective barrier, while sweet orange oil acts as a natural cleanser to leave your baby clean and fresh.
  • baby massage oil – baby-massage is a perfect way to establish a stronger bond between you and your baby. Our baby massage oil combines organic lavender with sweet almond oil, to soothe and nourish your baby’s skin as well as keep them calm and relaxed.
  • soothing cream – for particularly sore and irritated skin (on baby or parent!), our soothing cream combines organic marshmallow and calendula extract, known for their anti-inflammatory properties, with beeswax and zinc, which protect your skin’s natural barrier.
  • organic cotton cleansing pads – our cleansing pads are completely free from GMOs and pesticides and are also biodegradable. Made from the softest natural cotton, they are incredibly absorbent and perfect for tackling sensitive areas.

The Leading Natural Baby Skin Care Products: Care for Skin, Care for the Planet

All of our natural baby skincare products and other baby care products are completely cruelty-free and officially certified by Choose Cruelty-Free (CCF). It is GAIA’s mission to minimise our impact on the planet we call home. Wherever possible, we use only organic and naturally derived ingredients in our products, as well as recyclable packaging. We work alongside an experienced team of high-skilled professional biochemists and aromatherapists to ensure that all of our products reach the highest standards of safety and quality.

Our natural baby skin care products are tested on people, not on animals. And not only that, but we also pride ourselves on the fact that the majority of our products are vegan-friendly (except our Nipple Balm and Baby Soothing Cream, which contain beeswax).

Place your order today and experience the difference natural baby skincare can make to your baby’s skin.

We also offer other range of baby-related products including nipple balm to moisturise your sensitive areas as well as other baby travel products.
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