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The world is a new and exciting place for our little ones. They get to feel the breeze tickle their tiny cheeks when going for walks through the park, warm water splash against their legs during bath time and your soft touch as you change their nappies. However, these elements and encounters can all have a drying effect on their delicate skin. This is because their barriers aren’t as strong as in adults.
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Softening & Natural Baby Moisturiser For Sensitive Skin

GAIA is a brand that celebrates all that is natural. We want your baby’s precious skin to be protected, smooth and supple. That’s why we’ve loaded our baby moisturiser with skin nourishing qualities and natural and organic ingredients of the highest quality.

Our formula is free from petrochemicals, harsh soaps, mineral oil, sorbolene and other such ingredients. Instead, it is composed of natural extracts and essential oils which combat dryness, flaky patches and rough redness.

The shea and cocoa butters we’ve added give it a lovely richness, avocado oil for nourishment, rosehip and calendula for calming effects and then, lavender and sweet orange oils for a heavenly fragrance.

Our baby body moisturiser is so kind to your bub’s skin that it is suitable from birth and can be used on the face and around sensitive nappy areas.

You can use it at any time of the day too. It absorbs well, leaving no greasy residue behind, so your baby will only experience velvety softness. It’s great for setting up the day as a part of a morning routine so that their skin is built up ready to face our climates and weathers. We highly recommend using our organic baby moisturiser just after a nice bath. Not only for continuing the relaxation but also, because this is the best time to lock in moisture. Gently rub and massage the lotion into the skin for the greatest effects. You’ll all feel nice and calm, that soothing serenity settling, ready for a blissful night’s sleep.

Feel Fabulous with Our Baby Body Moisturiser

Our natural baby moisturiser is passionately Australian made.

Our company’s mission is to provide beautiful families with baby skin care products that will be good for everyone.

We also don’t test on animals making us certified cruelty free and care deeply about our environment. This is because we know that we take so much, so, we always endeavour to give something back.

Not only is GAIA a brand, we’re also a fledging community, developed by fellow parents and we simply adore hearing back from our customers. Your following means a lot to us and we want to carry on spreading joy, health and happiness with our products.

If you are liking the sound of our wonderfully organic baby moisturiser or any of our other items, such as natural baby wipes or baby shampoo, why not order yourself a free sample bundle? You can also read our reviews left by other parents for some opinions.

We’re only ever a phone call, email or form away should you want to ask us anything and you can join up today to see our latest updates!

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