Baby Travel & Gift Ideas

Whether you’re looking for a gift for a baby shower, planning a weekend away or just want to try out the GAIA Natural Baby range – we have you covered.

Our Starter Kit and Mini Travellers Kit have everything you need to get acquainted with the GAIA Baby Natural range and fall in love with the products as much as we have, whilst also being perfect for on-the-go adventures.
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Baby Travel Products for When You’re On-the-Go

For avid travellers, we stock handy travel-size versions of a selection of our products. GAIA’s baby travel products are the perfect size to tuck into a nappy bag before setting off on your next adventure. As well as that, they come in a clear, reusable, zip-lock wet pack, making them ideal for any trips abroad. Each product comes in a 50ml reusable bottle, so you are free to refill them from your full-size GAIA products as often as you’d like.

While our full-size products are, if we say so ourselves, outstanding value for money, we understand that you may not want to dive straight in and purchase our full-size products right away. Fear not: our baby travel starter kit contains 50ml bottles of each of our baby care products for you to try including our natural baby wash range. It also makes an ideal last-minute gift for a baby shower, for any new mother who wishes to try out what is best for her baby’s skin.

Try Our Baby Travel Products Online and Find What’s Best for You

Our baby travel kits contain the essentials (three of our bestselling products), and everything you need to keep your baby clean, fresh, and relaxed, wherever you are:

  • 50ml bottle of Baby Bath & Body Wash – this product is suitable for use in the bath and shower, saving you money, and combines sweet orange with avocado oils to cleanse and nourish your baby’s skin.
  • 50ml bottle of Baby Shampoo – this PH-balanced shampoo is specifically designed to be gentle and free from sulphates, which can cause dryness. Organic sweet orange will cleanse and nourish your baby’s scalp, while organic chamomile extract will leave their hair nice and shiny. As well as that, organic avocado oil will protect their scalp from becoming dry and flaky.
  • 50ml bottle of Baby Moisturiser – our baby moisturiser is suitable for everyday use and can be applied to both baby’s face and body. It combines fragrant lavender and chamomile with rosehip and calendula extract to soothe both parent and child, to help nourish their skin and keep it supple.

If you are intrigued by GAIA’s products but aren’t sure where to begin, our baby travel online starter kit contains sample sizes of each of our baby care products:

  • 50ml bottle of Bath & Body Wash
  • 50ml bottle of Sleeptime Bath
  • 50ml bottle of Baby Shampoo
  • 50ml bottle of Baby Moisturiser
  • 50ml bottle of Baby Massage Oil

Our baby travel products comply with the regulations put in place by the Australian government regarding liquids in carry-on luggage for international flights.

Best Baby Travel Products: Gentle Care for Your Baby and the Earth

Every one of GAIA’s baby travel products is cruelty-free, and (where possible) made from naturally sourced, organic ingredients. We have committed to using organic and natural ingredients where possible in our full range of products, as we believe these provide the best and most delicate care for your baby’s skin and that includes baby shampoos.

This is because we, as parents ourselves, fully recognise the importance of not just looking after your own little world, but also the world in which they’re going to grow up. All of our travel-size bottles are safely reusable, made from HDPE (High-density Polyethylene) – we recommend refilling them from your full-size bottles to take with you any trip or outing.

Order your baby travel products online today and discover how GAIA skincare can benefit you, your baby and the environment.

We also offer other range of baby-related products including nipple balm to moisturise your sensitive areas as well as other pregnancy care products.
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