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Baby wipes are the holy grail of products for small humans, cleaning up all messes from small to big in one flourish. Ours go one step further by being crafted from bamboo, an incredible ingredient which is kind to the environment and sensitive skin.

Choose from a travel-size 20 pack for on the go cleaning, an 80 pack and a 240 wipe value pack for really messy babies.
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Baby Wipes Online From GAIA

From a little organic farm to a flourishing, growing company, we have absolutely loved our 15 years on the market so far. We’re an Australian company, manufacturing our baby skin care products on home turf.

When you buy baby wipes online from us as well as any other item from our sublime skincare ranges, you’ll be supporting a company that values community, the environment and natural ingredients. We openly and comprehensively display all the ingredients of our wipes on our website so that you’re fully informed too.

It’s Easy Peasy To Buy Our Baby Wipes Online

Although we do stock our ranges in retailers, pharmacies, baby stores and health food stores in Australia and internationally, we understand that it can be stressful to have to visit multiple shops for all different things. That’s why we have all our products in one place, on our site as well.

Just imagine…It’s been a long day of work, baby activities, trials and tribulations. Instead of having to venture out yet again to get fresh supplies (that seem to constantly run out!) you could have ordered online. For example, you could select a few of our jumbo packs of wipes (240) and then, there will be no more panic running to the shop at 11pm on a Tuesday night. You’ll simply just have to pop into that cupboard and whip out a fresh pack! We also do packs of 20 and 80 which are great for carrying around.

The advantages don’t end with convenience. Our wipes are made from bamboo. This powerful plant is a strong material that doesn’t easily tear, but it also has a soft texture. The bamboo baby wipes will effortlessly glide along the skin as you use them. They’re infused with natural, botanical extracts and oils that will leave skin feeling supple. They help to reduce inflammation and redness too! The positives go on because our baby wipes are also biodegradable.

Why Choose GAIA To Purchase Your Baby Wipes Online?

Curiosity and uncertainty are completely normal feelings to have towards skincare. We understand that it’s difficult enough to choose products for yourself or partner let alone your little baby! We all know that their skin isn’t as resistant as an adult.

That’s why we came into existence. We wanted to clear up some of the doubts and worries we all commonly have.

Our formulas have been vigorously tested and our founder Michelle has dedicatedly researched all the natural ingredients. We’ve worked out the best combinations so that you can have a pleasurable experience with our collections.

When you purchase baby wipes online from GAIA, you’ll be receiving a product that is natural, skin and earth loving and cruelty free. You’ll be supporting our vision and ethos which means a lot to us. We don’t want anyone to have to suffer which is why we work hard to make our products.

If you’re interested, why not order some free samples? Then, you can join up to our family to start shopping online. We’re reachable by phone, email and through our online forms should you need our assistance to purchase baby wipes online, and you can connect with us on Facebook and Instagram too!

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