Bamboo Baby Wipes

Packed with amazing aloe vera and calming chamomile, these bamboo baby wipes are not only brimming with soothing properties, they’re also velvety soft. Although a seemingly everyday item, you’ll come to realise why parents hold them in such high esteem. Trust us when we say they’ll not only be in your daily baby carriers, you’ll find yourself stuffing them into your handbag, squashed between beauty products in the cabinet and dotted around several rooms in the house. They’ll become a real symbol of survival in the early stages of parenthood.

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The Bountiful Benefits Of Bamboo On Your Baby Wipes

As well as being a bare necessity, this product is truly a work of nature. We at GAIA believe in an ecofriendly future. In our baby skin care products we encapsulate the need to innovate traditional essentials whilst harnessing the everlasting goodness of all that is natural. The way in which we propel ourselves forward is by choosing certain elements that do good for the environment. Our products also give back to our planet, so you can wipe your conscious clean!

Nappy changing – a rite of passage for all parents albeit a pongy one. As you’ll have to undergo this ritual regularly, you’ll find yourself getting into a groove. However, it’s not just a simple case of wipe and go with babies. They’re very delicate and sensitive. Nappy rashes can be extremely irritating, leading to your little one experiencing a lot of discomfort. What’s more is that mealtimes in the early days can get rather messy as your young one tries to work out those growing gnashers. Their hands will spring into full action as they learn to crawl and explore their surroundings.

When it comes to our wonderful wipes there are a plethora of reasons as to why they’re a great option in these mucky moments.

  • They’re free from alcohol, paraben preservatives, petrochemicals, harsh soaps and sulphates.
  • Their pleasing, light scent isn’t a result of artificial perfumes but rather, naturally fragrant and hydrating natural and organic essential oils.
  • Typically hypoallergenic.
  • A quick, easy to solution to clear up dribbles, spillages, food splodges and smudges.
  • An affordable, Aussie owned product.
  • Cruelty free and vegan.

There’s also a range of sizes. The twenty pack is perfect for when you’re on the go, dotting from place to place. An eighty pack is good for a few days away. Whereas the jumbo 240 pack could be great to have stored in the bathroom, so that you’ve always got some stocked up at home.

Choose Natural Bamboo Properties For Your Baby Wipes

Products like our bamboo wipes for babies are suitable from birth. Our mission is to provide safe and genuinely good products that the whole family will love.

Our principal values are family, togetherness, awareness, solidarity and kindness. It’s why we also do not test on animals instead opting for human volunteers.

If you’re interested in our products, why not follow us on Facebook and Instagram to connect with our latest news. You can also give us a call, send an email or complete an enquiry form should you require any extra information about the bamboo baby wipes or if you would like to purchase our baby wipes online.

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