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Pregnancy is a time of many changes, one of those being your skin. It can become drier, more sensitive and can even become itchier because of the stretching – you are growing human life after all! New mums are superheroes, so we think they deserve the superhero treatment from the products they use. That’s where GAIA Skin Naturals comes in.

GAIA Skin Naturals is created for women both during and after pregnancy. You can start your new skincare routine as early as the 1st trimester and carry on using it right through to post-pregnancy to take care of yourself and your body as it goes through some incredible changes.

Just like GAIA Natural Baby, all the products in the range use carefully selected natural and organic ingredients which are designed to moisturise, nourish and replenish the skin whilst reducing the possibility of stretch marks. Each product is suitable for all skin types and can be used anywhere on the body that needs it – not just the bump. Go on Mama, you deserve it.
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Pregnancy Care Products for the New Mother

GAIA Skin Natural’s began by creating natural baby wash & skincare products. However, in the eighteen years since, we have broadened our range and now also create pregnancy care for mothers. It is our view that mothers are superheroes, and they deserve to feel like it. Our pregnancy body care products have all been specially designed with carefully selected, organic ingredients, and will ensure that you feel pampered and cared for from your first trimester until the birth of your baby, and in the months afterwards. We have the best range of Australian organic pregnancy products.

Australian-Made Pregnancy Body Care Products

Our full range of pregnancy care products are all locally made and use organic and naturally derived ingredients wherever possible. We fully recognise how hard pregnancy can be, both mentally and physically, and we believe our Australian organic pregnancy products will help care for you throughout it.

  • Nipple Balm – for breast-feeding mothers, our nipple balm is the ideal ointment for soothing sore nipples between feeds. We also recommend using it during your pregnancy in preparation for the demands of breastfeeding. Organic sunflower oils combine with calendula extract to soothe, and the anti-inflammatory properties of beeswax help repair skin and form a protective barrier.
  • Belly Oil – your skin works hard during your pregnancy, so we have designed this belly oil to help maintain its elasticity while minimising the chance of developing stretch marks (or, as we like to fondly refer to them as tiger stripes). Organic rosehip oil rejuvenates and re-hydrates the skin, while organic evening primrose oil softens lines and scars, improving your skin’s overall appearance. Both our belly oil and belly butter also carry a gentle aroma, combining mandarin, tangerine and frankincense, to help keep you calm and soothed.
  • Belly Butter – during your pregnancy, your body will go through a lot of changes (not only the tiny human you’re growing inside of you). Your hormones will fluctuate more rapidly, which can cause your skin to become dryer and more sensitive as it stretches to accommodate your baby. Our belly butter has been specially designed to combat this and can safely be used from your first trimester through to after the birth of your little one. Vitamin-rich wheat germ oil and organic rosehip oil combine with pure cocoa butter and shea butter to restore and replenish your skin, helping it retain its elasticity and replenish moisture.

Best Organic Pregnancy Products in Australia: Care for Your Baby, Care for You

When you bring a new tiny human into the word, it is often too easy to let yourself slip down your list of priorities. It is important to not only care for your new baby but also care for you. Our pregnancy body care products are the perfect companion for you during this exciting time. Pregnancy doesn’t have to be all hard work; make sure you take the time for some guilt-free pampering whenever you can.

GAIA Skin Natural’s full range of product are all cruelty-free, so while you’re taking time for some well-earned self-care, you can also feel reassured that your products have neither been tested on animals nor do they contain any animal products.

We believe it’s some of the best pregnancy skincare in Australia – but don’t take our word for it – place your order now and discover the GAIA skincare difference for yourself.

Order your baby travel products online today and discover how GAIA skincare can benefit you, your baby and the environment.

We also offer other range of baby-related products including baby shampoos to other baby travel products online.
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