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Mums-to-be you’re our champions. Think of this incredible power your body has to bring life into the world. You’ll be going through one of life’s greatest joys and endurances. Your body will change, blossom, and grow to make room for your gorgeous child as you embark on this nine-month journey. We at GAIA are here to assist you in our area of expertise. Our rich belly butter and natural pregnancy belly oil, as well as our nipple balm, will become your skincare besties and will leave you feeling like the glowing goddess you are.

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Belly Butter’s Nutrients For Your Skin As You Bloom

Pregnancy involves major emotional and physical changes. Your skin will stretch and due to the ebb and flow of hormones can become drier, leading to itchy, flaky skin. So, we believe this is truly a time to pamper and treat yourself! Seeing as you’ll be beginning a huge new chapter, you’ll need to look after yourself too.

Our pregnancy belly butter is jam packed full of natural and organic ingredients which will invigorate the skin’s elasticity, stimulate its suppleness and help to make it soft and smooth. It is rich with shea and cocoa butter which give it its dreamy texture and lock in moisture around sore patches.

Then, our natural pregnancy belly oil is brimming with a range of essential oils which are luxuriously calming and soothing.

Both of these products are highly therapeutic and effective because they contain oils such as evening primrose and rosehip which deeply hydrate and work on scarring to help stretch marks to fade, improving the overall look and feel of your skin. We’ve combined mandarin, tangerine and frankincense to give off a zesty scent so that you can feel refreshed and energised too.

These products are 100% free from petrochemicals, steroids, lanolin and other harmful additives, so, they’re safe to use from the start of your pregnancy and beyond. You can also liberally apply them to other tender areas such as the thighs, breast, arms and back. Essentially, this divine cream and smooth oil make for the perfect massaging sessions. And then, as well as giving you a serene sensation they also protect, strengthen and heal your skin.

GAIA’s Organic Belly Oil For Pregnancy Will Become Your Best Friend

Our organic belly butter and belly oil for pregnancy care marvels. We’re so glad to manufacture these products because we believe all mothers deserve to be taken care of. This a special time where you should be able to feel your best.

These two items are also cruelty free and Australian made so when you opt for our products, you’re showing that you support community and advocate kindness.

We at GAIA just want you to know you’re doing an incredible job! It’s time to indulge and spoil yourself whilst also embracing motherhood.

If you need some tender loving care for your pregnancy, start shopping for our belly butter and oil! You also might want to have a look on our baby skin care products. Read some of our reviews and you’ll see that many other mums are very happy and satisfied with these products. Should you need any help navigating our site or ordering our products you can contact us by phoning for a chat, sending an email or enquiry form. We’re always very glad to hear from you and are at your disposal to answer any questions you may have.

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