Nipple Balm

Breastfeeding is a beautiful moment for mum and baby. This is a special time if you choose to nurse, seeing as you have the opportunity to continue to nourish your child. Yet, we all know that suckling can lead to sore, cracked nipples. That’s where our soothing nipple balm comes in. A sumptuous relief, it aims to soften and alleviate dryness so that you can replenish yourself in between feeds.

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Why Buy Our Natural Nipple Balm?

Our formula contains natural and organic ingredients such as sunflower, avocado, jojoba, calendula and chamomile oils. Their star roles are to restore, nourish and enrich the affected areas and leave you feeling nice and smooth. Although it’s not vegan due to its beeswax content, this component locks in moisture and will boost plumpness so that latching on will be easier.

Another positive is that because this product is completely free from petrochemicals, lanolin and other harmful additives, there’s no need to wash it off before feeding! The natural ingredients are totally safe for you and your little one.

You can start to use our blissful nipple balm prenatally, along with your belly butter, and this will help to get you prepared! Moreover, as an aside, it works wonderfully as a lip balm, a very versatile product indeed! It’s simply a lovely and calming respite that you can use anytime to help you to feel revitalised and ready for your motherly duties.

Being pregnant, giving birth and breastfeeding are incredible feats for a woman and at GAIA, we believe you are entitled to the very best care as you undergo these amazing works of nature. That’s why we have a pregnancy care range so that you can reap the boundless benefits of all that is natural, feeling your best self for your little bundle.

GAIA’s Nipple Balm Is Affectionately Australian Made

GAIA is a company that was born here, is run here. We’ve built up our brand with family and the home in mind. This is why we put such an emphasis on staying in touch with our roots. We want to give back to our community which has helped us to flourish and grow so much since our establishment in 2002. We’re award winning and recommended by healthcare workers, midwives and also, lots of mummies and daddies too!

Our products, including the organic nipple balm, are cruelty free as well. Animals often suffer at the hands of the cosmetic, beauty and health industry and we actively separate ourselves from this abuse. Instead, we go for human volunteers who are willing to try out our products. We can also provide free samples. As much as our products are typically hypoallergenic, allergies are an unpredictable affair, so we give you this tester option so that you don’t waste money.

If you have any questions or queries about our pregnancy products or our baby skin care range, why not give us a call? You can email or complete a form if that’s better for you too! We’re on Facebook and Instagram so you can follow us for further updates.

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