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Customer Testimonials
Thank you for the wonderful GAIA baby products. When my son was born I initially used a supermarket-bought baby wash for 'Extra Sensitive Skin' from a well-known manufacturer. He started coming out in rashes after every bath and his skin became very rough & dry & peeling. I was horrified to read on the bottle of 'Extra Sensitive' wash that it contained Proplyene Glycol and Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, as well as some other things that didn't sound very good. Needless to say I stopped using it straight away and went to my local chemist that I knew stocked GAIA. I must admit very sheepishly that I didn't use GAIA initially because of the cost, but now I say hang the cost because my son's skin is more important. Now that I am using GAIA products on him, the rashes are gone and don't come back after having a bath, his skin is no longer rough & dry & peeling, he doesn't have any nappy rash and the mild cradle cap he had when I first started using your products was cleared very quickly with your massage oil (I had been using olive oil on it which wasn't working very well). I also suffer from sensitive skin, so I have started using all of the products on myself. If it's good for my baby, then it's good for me too!!


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