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How many children do you have?*:
How old are they?*:
Does your child/children suffer from skin sensitivities or irritations?*:
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What are your biggest skin care challenges with your baby?*:
What are your biggest hair care challenges with your baby?*:
What result do you expect from a bath & body wash?*:
What result do you expect from a shampoo?*:
What do you expect from your baby moisturiser?*:
When buying baby skincare what kind of product information are you after?:
Suitable for sensitive skin*:
Great for dry skin*:
Soap & Sulphate Free*:
Paraben free*:
Propolene Glycol free*:
Contains no artificial fragrance*:
Eczema friendly*:
Contains pure, natural, organic ingredients*:
Value for money*:
Clinical trials have been conducted*:
What products would you like to see in the marketplace?*:
Where do you want to be able to buy your products?*:
How important is product sampling/trialing to you?*:
How important are recommendations by friends & other mums?*:
How important are recommendations by health professionals to you?:
a) Midwives/Maternal Child/Health Nurses*:
b) Pharmacists?*:
c) Doctors*:
What type of packaging do you prefer your skin care in?*:
Other - please specifiy :
Do you perceive larger sizes as 'better value for money'?*:
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Do you want re-fill packs? Especially if they were cheaper?*:
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Further comments*:
Which TV ads do you like?*:
Which TV ads do you dislike?*:
Do you listen to the radio a lot?*:
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Would you buy a product after it was advertised on the radio?*:
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Or would you only buy a product advertised on the radio only if you also saw it on TV or in the shops or in the magazines?*:
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What is the difference between the GAIA Natural Baby moisturiser and skin soothing lotion?*:
If your child didn’t have eczema or a skin sensitivity – would you still buy GAIA?*:
Yes No
Why/why not?*:
What products did you buy for yourself while you were pregnant?*:
Would you try a pregnancy care range made by GAIA?*:
Yes No
Why/why not?*:
What pregnancy care products would you buy, if made by GAIA?*: Cooling leg gel/mist
Foot soak
Belly butter
Body lotion
Stretch mark oil
Stretch mark cream
Calming bath soak
Labour massage oil
Rosehip oil for stretch marks
Homeopathic remedies for morning sickness, labour, etc
What do you look for when buying your skin care?*:
What brand/s do you currently buy now?*:
What product/s do you currently buy now?*:
Would you buy a women’s skincare product, if made by GAIA, for yourself?*:
Yes No
Why/why not?*:
What products would you buy?*: Facial Cleanser
Day Moisturiser
Eye Gel
Night Cream
Facial Exfoliant
Body Scrub
Body Wash
Body Lotion
Hand Cream
Foot Treatments
Shampoo & Conditioner
What makes you "trust" a product or brand?*:
How many years does a product or brand need to be around for you to trust it?*:
Is celebrity endorsement important to you?*:
Yes No Neutral
Why/why not?*:
Is it important to you to know the story behind the creation of the products?*:
Yes No Neutral
Is it important to you to know who is behind the brand?*:
Yes No Neutral
Is it important to you that the brand is Australian made and owned?*:
Yes No Neutral
Why/why not?*:
What does “created by a mum” mean to you?*:
Is it a good or bad thing?*:
Good Bad Neutral
Why/why not?*:
What do you wish GAIA also made?*:
Do you know what GAIA means?*:
Yes No
What images do you associate with the GAIA brand?*:
Are they positive or negative?*:
Positive Negative
What price do you want to pay for a full size GAIA baby product?*:

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