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gaia skin naturals pure natural organic skincare
Welcome to the home of GAIA - nourishing skincare products that feed your skin, keep it healthy and make it easy for you to maintain gorgeous skin. 
Our brands include GAIA Natural Baby, GAIA Pregnancy + New Mum, GAIA Skin+Body, especially for women, and GAIA Made for Men.
Proudly Australian made, our skin care products are tailored for sensitive skin, and contain natural and organic oils and extracts that are gently cleansing, moisturising and soothing.  Our sensational scents are blended using pure essential oils,  selected to provide you with the most gorgeous aromas to indulge your senses and benefit your skin.
We don't include any of the following in our washes, moisturisers, oils and wipes
  • artificial fragrance
  • petrochemicals and mineral oils
  • lanolin and phthalates 
  • soap, sulphates and other drying agents in our cleansers
  • paraben preservatives and propylene glycol
  • and other commonly used ingredients that can be irritating or drying to skin
It is not just what we put in, but what we leave out that makes the difference!


Simple, effective and beautiful products, created using the same sensitive skin philosophies that have made GAIA Natural Baby so popular.
A range of products catering for pregnancy, new mums and general women's skincare.  Gentle cleansers, toner, moisturisers and body washes care for your skin without dryness or irritation.  The result is noticeably softer, smoother skin so you look good and feel great.  All products contain skin-softening natural and organic oils and extracts and vitamins, infused with the most divine pure essential oil blends that will leave you feeling like you have just stepped out of a day spa!
Ingredients have been carefully selected to target the everyday concerns women have expressed about their skin, including catering for sensitivities, combating dryness and fine lines, and being able easily to maintaining healthy looking skin.
See more information on how GAIA SKIN+BODY can help you.

GAIA Pure Pregnancy Belly ButterGAIA PREGNANCY+NEW MUM

Pregnancy is an exciting time but it can also send your skin into a spin! Changes that occur can go from one extreme to the other and leave you with very dry skin and a decrease in your skinís elasticity which can lead to stretch marks.
Now you can buy GAIA's beautiful belly butter and belly oil that are rich and nourishing but donít leaving the greasy residue that some pregnancy products can.
GAIA SKIN & BODY belly butter has been specially formulated to offer superior moisturisation and to help maintain suppleness and elasticity of your skin while your belly is stretching to accommodate your growing baby.
GAIA's nipple balm contains organic oils to help keep the skin on and around your nipples in good condition. 


Created in 2002 when Michelle couldn't find products suitable to care for her baby's skin after he developed eczema at just 8 weeks of age. Read our story
As parents of a child with sensitive skin, we understand the delicate nature of baby's skin and have created a beautiful range of products containing skin-softening natural and organic oils that will be of benefit to your baby's skin rather than causing dryness.
And because a baby's skin is so sensitive and can be easily irritated we include calming natural and organic extracts to soothe any irritation or dryness they may encounter.

Because men and women have different needs when it comes to their skin, hair and body care, GAIA Made for Men products contain natural and organic ingredients in their shaving products, washes and moisturisers specifically tailored to male skin,
GAIA Made for Men contains natural and organic oils and extracts to gently cleanse, moisturise and care for your skin, to keep it smooth and healthy, without irritation.
NO girlie smells either - just fresh scents using a blend containing organic spearmint and organic lime pure essential oils to invigorate and leave you feeling energised.
See more information on GAIA natural and organic shaving products, washes, scrub and moisturisers.

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